DIY Valentine's Watercolor Favor Boxes
February 5, 2016
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Say hello to the cutest little boxes you ever did see. If you choose to accept this DIY (how could you not?), we guarantee your Valentinees on the receiving end will want to give you a big ol' smooch for it, especially if you fill them with something sweet. And these babies are just the start to some serious Valentine's Day pretty we're delivering in full next week! Get the super-easy steps below.

Paper favor boxes
Pink watercolor paint
Flat paintbrush
Cup of water

step-1Fold together one of the favor boxes so you can see where sides of the box are. Unfold the box and lay flat on a piece of cardboard.

step-2Brush a layer of water on the bottom half of one of the box sides. Dab a bit of pink watercolor along the very bottom and gently spread it up. Repeat on the other three sides of the box.

step-3Repeat step 2 to make as many favor boxes as you’d like. Let the boxes dry 1-2 hours, then assemble. Fill with your favor (we went with chocolate) and tie off with a ribbon!


Photography: White Loft Studio | DIY + Styling: SMP Living | Calligraphy: Becca Joas